Sourced OB-GYN Hospital Services

It usually takes hospitals several months, often years, to decide to move forward with an OB or OB-GYN Hospitalist Program. But, when they finally make that decision, they want the program up and running in the next 6 weeks. Obviously, that’s not possible, but the way to get closest to that target date is to out-source that service to one of the four major national Ob-Gyn Hospitalist program vendors. This is not to imply there aren’t other smaller, quality vendors – we just personally aren’t aware of those, and most are probably locally based. An out-sourced OB or OB-GYN Hospitalist contract will cost an estimated $1.8-2 million annually. That’s before any “revenue offset” or “cost reduction” is applied. And, it always involves the talk around “the OB ED” (addressed below). In-Sourcing OB-GYN Hospitalist Services is an option many have not considered, and an option of which many aren’t aware. This is an option for hospitals facing hurdles that seem to prohibit them from moving forward with out-sourcing the services. These hurdles could be related to things such as patient volume, location, staffing, or financial concerns. In-sourcing can often times lead to a less expensive approach to your OB-GYN Hospitalist Program, and may prove to be the best overall way to introduce a program.

The Farley Group, LLC has many, many years of experience in the business of OB & OB-GYN Hospitalists. We can help you make a smart, informed, forward-thinking decision about your future with the OB-GYN Hospitalist concept.


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