Management and Consulting Services

We are seeing more hospitals deciding to create their own internal OB or OB-GYN Hospitalist Programs, i.e. in-sourcing. The primary reason for this is financial. The Farley Group, LLC can provide your in-sourced program with management services and/or consulting services. This list of services is extensive, and some of those services are listed below.

  • work with the physician team to assure the program is functioning to meet all clinical 

                     expectations including quality patient care, improving patient safety, and improving  


  • help develop short- and long-range objectives, goals, and plans for your facility
  • revenue cycle management
  • payroll services
  • helping to maximize revenue while minimizing expenses/subsidies
  • identify ways to expand perinatal service lines
  • facilitate development and implementation of the OB-ED
  • annual budgeting
  • contract negotiations
  • contract renewals
  • business development
  • assembling RFPs
  • reviewing RFP responses


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