The OB-ED Consulting Services

If you make the decision to move forward with 24/7/365 in-house L&D coverage, whether it be in-sourcing, out-sourcing, or the hybrid model, the conversation of implementing the OB-ED will be a hot-topic of conversation. The OB-ED idea is a great one, but there are several regulatory requirements (just like your main ED) that must be respected, implemented, and followed! We can’t stress this enough! Our consulting services will help you through this process. Often, the implementation of the OB-ED requires a significant re-model of your current facility. We have helped facilities strategically overhaul their “old triage area” into their new, compliant OB-ED. We can also help you with the staffing model for the OB-ED, billing, patient through-put, and bed designation. Do NOT assume that once you have established your OB-GYN Hospitalist Program, you have established a compliant OB-ED!


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